WAGO Makes the Switch to KYKLO Syndication+
WAGO Makes the Switch to KYKLO Syndication+

WAGO Makes the Switch to KYKLO Syndication+

Expanding on a previous partnership with KYKLO, WAGO has migrated to KYKLO’s Syndication+.  

Under the partnership, KYKLO provided enhanced product data and proprietary services to WAGO distributors using the KYKLO eCommerce solution. In this new agreement, WAGO becomes one of a growing number of companies to take advantage of KYKLO’s Syndication+ service. Syndication+ is a service designed especially for manufacturers determined to expand their digital footprint across their entire channel to market.

KYKLO’s offering extends syndication from the existing model of publishing data with the expectation that it will be used correctly for something entirely different. Other companies provide the service of updating new products and adding them to the manufacturer’s library of products. Most either rely on their clients to forward them data or “scrape” the internet for product information previously published elsewhere.  

KYKLO takes the process a major step further. They enrich the data by adding terms discovered through the analysis of thousands of searches, expanding manufacturers' terminologies to include common names and industry jargon used by customers. The product descriptions are unique, per SKU, and overall product data is structured with the right filters and categories making it possible to find products in just a few clicks. This massively impacts SEO visibility.

Further, the KYKLO solution includes follow-ups with distributors to make sure the new data is added to websites across the manufacturer’s channel. Understanding that many distributor websites are maintained by staff also responsible for other operations, this ensures the channel is using the syndicated data.

KYKLO also measures what percentage of product data each distributor deploys to their website. This information allows the manufacturer to better understand what part of their product offering is being fully supported by each distributor. This is very important when manufacturers “share shelf space” and digital presence with other competitive manufacturers.  

John Bukowski, WAGO’s Senior Channel Director, finds the service to be important to a company working through a diverse group of distributors: “The information reporting allows our sales team to better understand, which products the distributor is focusing their sales efforts on at any given time. All this reporting is something most manufacturers, like WAGO, have neither the time nor staffing to carefully analyze. In a digital world, analytics are essential and becoming a must-have.”

KYKLO, President and Founder, Remi Ducrocq said, “We are happy to have such a well-respected company recognize our efforts in the business digitalization process. WAGO has a broad product offering and our team is excited to be asked to make their products easier to find across the internet.

About WAGO:

WAGO is an international company that offers a wide range of products including electrical connectors, terminal blocks, relays, sensors, and other automation components. They serve a variety of industries such as automotive, transportation, energy, and building automation. WAGO America is known for their innovative products and solutions that help simplify and improve electrical interconnection and automation processes.

About KYKLO:

KYKLO was founded in 2015 by 2 former Schneider Electric employees, Remi Ducrocq and Fabien Legouic, with one sole purpose: To help industrial manufacturers and distributors modernize for the growing trend of online shopping.

KYKLO is the only company on the planet to provide product content enrichment services as well as

powerful search, filtering, and configuration tools – both solution and content, fully built by engineers from the industry. KYKLO's library contains product data for over 5 million SKUs.

Visit www.kyklo.co to learn more about the company and its products.


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