The Story of a Fully Integrated Channel Digitalization
The Story of a Fully Integrated Channel Digitalization

The Story of a Fully Integrated Channel Digitalization

The KYKLO team thrives when our clients are happy. When clients are willing to publicly tell their story, it makes our little hearts go pitter-patter. Recently, we received a very impactful testimonial from Jim Brys, Corporate Director of Distribution, of Mitsubishi Electric Automation. He sat down with us to talk about his organization’s nearly 5-year relationship with KYKLO.   

Over those 5 years, the partnership has continued to grow and flourish. KYKLO has created digital branches in the form of online shops for many of Mitsubishi’s distributor partners, and continues to push new and improved content out. These combined efforts are an example of fully integrated channel digitalization in progress. 

Today, KYKLO provides online shops for numerous Mitsubishi Electric distributors as well as a manufacturer's webstore, used as a lead generation tool that ties to distributors using KYKLO services. This provides Mitsubishi Electric with an advanced web presence, featuring improved product content, search engine optimization, and stronger relationships with their distribution channel.

Mr. Brys goes on the record saying, 

“The KYKLO webstore (and everything tied to it) is the best lead generation tool we have ever developed.”    

In the world of automation, where many marketing experts place the value of a qualified lead north of 125 dollars, creating leads is important. The KYKLO system generates a lot of bang for the buck. 

He went on to say, “Engineers searching for our kind of products online are now directed to distributors.” The distributor teams then turn those potential customers into orders. 

 Another important point for distributors is Jim’s experience with the manufacturer and their distributor channel.KYKLO can get a distributor up and running in three to four weeks.” Why waste opportunities as you stumble through a lengthy do-it-yourself project?   

In summary: 

  • KYKLO’s capabilities are well-known and widely used by distributors today. 
  • Manufacturers can employ KYKLO to create web-ready and enhanced product data and distribute this information to their entire channel. 
  • KYKLO has the capability to tie the digital activities of manufacturers directly to their distributor channel. 
  • Seamless digitalization is no longer a dream of the future, KYKLO is doing it now.   

If you would like to talk more about the digitalization of your business, we would love to talk about how we can customize a plan for your business situation. 

We would like to thank Mr. Brys for both his kind words about KYKLO as well as his leadership in the automation industry.   

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