Rust Never Sleeps
Rust Never Sleeps

Rust Never Sleeps

Long ago in 1979, Canadian American singer-songwriter Neil Young coined the phrase “Rust Never Sleeps” to describe his need to continue working and growing as an artist. While riding a wave of success and many earlier hits, he could have given in to the temptation to rest on the laurels of his past success. Instead, he pushed forward innovating, improving, and further creating.


With the native integration, Ariba users can access the KYKLO product catalog to find precisely the right parts for their application in just a few minutes. Once selected, these items are loaded directly into their Ariba system to create the final order.

How does it work? Watch this video to find out.


After producing over 5-million enhanced SKUs, countless product comparators, one of the most innovative systems for syndicating data, and setting new standards in automated freight and tax implementation with One-Step-Checkout, some organizations might step back and admire their past efforts. This isn’t the KYKLO way. We’ve been busy, very busy.

Here is a sampling of our latest efforts.

KYKLO has updated Patlite data. This includes all 2023 product launches, including the flagship LR6 IP69K series, and most of the 2022 useful products. This includes all of KYKLO’s great filters, cross selling information, and a very precise substitution section which allows for replacing previous generations of products with the latest from Patlite.


Yaskawa servo motors and drive data added. 5,000 SKUs have been added each with KYKLO’s great filters, keywording and motor and cable cross selling features.

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Antaira Technologies – the industrial networking and communications people were updated with 140 additional SKUs plus hundreds of new documents and pictures.


Daman manifold data has been added. Daman is a key player in the hydraulics industry. KYKO added all their entire published US price list which consisted of over 8,600 SKUs. This is a massive addition for distributors selling their products.

Rust never Sleeps, and the Innovation at KYKLO never stops.
KYKLO never stops thinking about ways to make the customers’ journey to products run smoother and our client’s lives easier.

Innovating at work and at play – KYKLO’s always thinking.
AHTDFor our many friends attending this year’s Association for High Technology Distribution Fall Meeting, be on the lookout for our latest fun innovation at the Supplier Showcase. We can’t give you the details just yet, but if this innovation had an official SKU, the catalog number might be T-Ki-Bar—hint-hint.

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