KYKLO and Panasonic Push Distribution to the Next Level
KYKLO and Panasonic Push Distribution to the Next Level

KYKLO and Panasonic Push Distribution to the Next Level

Close your eyes and think Panasonic. The word conjures up dozens of images; everything from high-end televisions, microwaves, phone systems, and cameras may swirl through your mind. Panasonic is one of the largest and most diversified high-technology manufacturers in the world. Not just a consumer product company, they are immersed in technologies tied to smart mobility, sustainable energy, supply-chain management, and automation. For the moment, let us talk automation.

Panasonic has joined KYKLO in furthering the boundaries of automation distribution. Speaking with Josh Ardus, National Group Sales Manager, and Erwin Wu, Director, of Panasonic, we gained some important insights.

For instance, we learned this:

Panasonic believes distribution is critical to their success in the automation market. More importantly, they strive to assume a servant leadership role with distributors, often encouraging them to make moves which not only improve the Panasonic position, but the results with every supplier on their line card.

These thoughts came to life in a quote from Erwin Wu, “We asked ourselves how do we help distributors grow and add value to the market in general? The automation environment is changing. Customer feelings about major brands are shifting. There are shifts in the messaging required from the distributor, and a need for the distributor to reach out and connect with new customers. We see this partnership with KYKLO as a tool for distributors. A tool that Panasonic can put into their hands.”

But that is not the whole picture. Josh Ardus added, “We know the direction of the industry as it embraces webstores. This is a trend that is not going away after the Pandemic. Nobody argues that web-based information is a fad. Someday, a robust web presence will be as important of a requirement as a phone was in the 1960s. We see this program as a tool to make a necessary move easier.”

Under the agreement, KYKLO will provide distributors with a world-class webstore with full integration to the distributor’s ERP system. The KYKLO system provides enhanced and search engine optimized product data which includes not only Panasonic products, but a distributor’s full offering from KYKLO’s extensive library of over 2 million automation, electrical, pneumatic, and related SKUs.

The KYKLO/Panasonic partnership provides not only a mechanism for customers to make purchases online but a tool for creating customer leads. “The KYKLO system serves as a tool for creating leads which spill over from Panasonic to everything the distributor sells. In today’s market, sometimes it is not all that easy to find new customers. Trade shows have been put on hold, advertising is not always that effective, and old-fashioned cold calling is too expensive. With the right kind of webstore, the customers find the distributor.” Said Mr. Ardus as he shared his thoughts on the future.

Any customer locating a needed part or comparing product types becomes a lead – not just for the product they are searching but for everything the distributor sells. In addition, the KYKLO system is designed to allow inside sales and customer service professionals to get customers into the system by sharing links to products quoted or specifications checked. The unique product comparator gives the customer the opportunity to select exactly the right product for their application and many of the products come with recommended add-on items which expand the sale.

Panasonic is demonstrating their servant side by encouraging distributors to develop skills in the eCommerce sector. By allowing distributors to allocate up to 50 percent of the CO-OP funding to their efforts towards the KYKLO system, Panasonic assists in early costs. Panasonic is committed to helping our channel migrate toward leading edge of distribution. “Not only will they possess the right technical skills, market-leading customer service, and the stock to serve their customers,” commented Erwin Wu, “they will be able to provide customers an open portal to find, research, and ultimately select products.”

Speaking on behalf of KYKLO, Remi Ducrocq said, “On behalf of the entire KYKLO team, we are excited by this partnership with Panasonic. We currently have many Panasonic distributors as clients, and this only furthers our value to them. The new tools we plan for Panasonic product selection will enhance the overall customer experience in many ways. If you are a Panasonic distributor and have not seen our unique plan for distributor digitalization, please give us a call. I am looking forward to meeting you and exploring how we might work together.

Our system was designed especially for distributors just like you. We take the work out of launching a webstore and let you do what you do best – actively service your customers.”

About KYKLO:

Headquartered in Bangkok Thailand and Buffalo, New York, KYKLO provides a state-of-the-technology solution to distributors via a cloud-based eCommerce platform. Unlike traditional suppliers who provide an unpopulated webshop and require the distributor to supply product data, KYKLO provides rich product data for nearly 2 Million SKUs. All a distributor needs to do is connect their ERP (Business System) to KYKLO’s system.

Every KYKLO client receives in-depth guidance and ongoing coaching tied to engaging customers with their ecommerce platform. Additionally, they provide best practices for using the system for generating quotes and assisting inside salespeople in product selection.


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