No Rest for the Wicked
No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked

You’ve heard the old saying, “There is No Rest for the Wicked.” While we here at KYKLO normally think of ourselves as pretty nice folks, somehow the minds of the universe must have judged differently.  

Taking a quick glance at our calendar for next month explains why. The KYKLO team finds themselves scheduled for a record number of events in April. As standalone occurrences, each, and every, one of the events would be massively fun. We will meet old friends, make new friends, and undoubtedly participate in some fun late-night storytelling. Sleeping will be a rare commodity.

What are we doing?

April 17-19: ISA23 in Phoenix, Arizona

April 17-19: Valve Forum Conference San Antonio, Texas

April 19-21: AHTD Spring 2023 Conference in Louisville, Kentucky

April 29-May 3: NAHAD 2023 Nassau, Bahamas

Here’s the scoop…

ISA – Industrial Supply Association. KYKLO is an ISA member. We have several partners who are also members, and we are looking forward to further supporting their efforts. In addition to our current partnerships with ABB and Schneider Electric, we have enhanced content for 3M and several other major companies. Industrial buyers are ramping up their use of the internet to find products. 

Several of the biggest MRO distributors report that more than half of their business comes via online purchasing activities. Manufacturers and distributors alike want to integrate their existing business systems with their online efforts and KYKLO has the tools to make that happen quickly.

The Valve Forum is sponsored by the Valve Manufacturer’s Association. While not a member of VMA, KYKLO has been invited to attend. Why? 

We have partnerships with Festo, IMI/Norgrem, Bimba, and others. Plus we have massive content for SMC, Festo, Parker, ASCO, Bosch, and Eaton. The valve industry represents a $50 billion slice of the manufacturing sector and KYKLO has the know-how to quickly bring them into the 21st Century. We want to help.

AHTD Spring 2023 is a must for KYKLO. The Association of High Technology Distribution is our “homeroom.” KYKLO is a Strategic Business Partner of the group. 

Quoting Leigha Schatzman, AHTD’s Executive Director, “Having Strategic Business Partners (SBPs) like KYKLO is one of the reasons AHTD Rocks. AHTD members report that KYKLO’s plug-and-play e-commerce platform, with its constantly updated contents and various API integrations, has made it easier, less labor-intensive, more updateable, and more customer-friendly to migrate to a webstore. We appreciate the team at KYKLO for helping our members to innovate, collaborate, and achieve their business goals faster!” We have hundreds of friends and allies in this group. Need we say more?

NAHAD 2023 will be our first time attending as a member. We have enhanced content for some of the leading manufacturer members and a partnership with several others. Some of our Distributor customers such as Air Hydro Power or Applied Industrial Technologies are also part of the NAHAD association so this meeting will allow us time for conversations on how we might better serve them as well.

Tired, but a good kind of tired

Have you ever finished a project, something like a DIY remodel, or planting a new garden, and found yourself weary? As you laid down at the end of the project, your mind and body were tired but as you reflected on the work, did a warm sense of accomplishment drown out the aches and pains? 

We are anticipating that warm afterglow. But for now, it’s still “No rest for the wicked, and we are the meanest people in town.”


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