Manufacturers Need to Get Online or Get Left Behind
Manufacturers Need to Get Online or Get Left Behind

Manufacturers Need to Get Online or Get Left Behind

In a world where technology is advancing at an increasingly rapid pace, manufacturers are turning to digital solutions to future-proof their operations. An article written by A3 last month highlights the journey manufacturers are taking to digitize their operations, and the challenges and solutions that come along with this. Digitization is essential for manufacturers to stay competitive, responsive, and agile in today’s fast-changing marketplace, and KYKLO has manufacturers covered.

Rise of Industrial E-Commerce
80% of B2B sales between suppliers and buyers are expected to take place in digital channels by 2025. Manufacturers have two choices:

  • Get online
  • Get left behind

Thankfully, KYKLO provides a B2B eCommerce platform and product content solutions for industry-leading industrial manufacturers and their distributors. These solutions are built entirely by KYKLO’s team of industrial engineers who know exactly how buyers spec out products.

“More than half of our organization are engineers by trade, so they are very familiar with the product content they are creating,” says Jonathan Pittman, Director of Strategic Partnerships. “We’re not simply an e-commerce provider, we are a data-driven e-commerce provider. SEO enrichment is at the core of our business.”

This gives KYKLO the unique ability to provide our customers with product content enriched for SEO, that’s built to be easily discovered. When it comes to manufacturers and distributors, it’s not just about having a web presence, it’s about being found. In case you missed KYKLO Co-Founder and CEO, Remi Ducrocq’s B2B Online Keynote speech on why manufacturers are losing as online discovery, check out the recording!

Manufacturers Online or Behind
According to Jonathan Pittman, Director of Strategic Partnerships at KYKLO, “If you’re manufacturing more than a few thousand parts, it becomes increasingly difficult for your customers to find the right product. If you don’t have all your products online, then you’re hurting your channel partners and ultimately your end users.”

Watch this video to learn more about KYKLO’s solutions for manufacturers.


KYKLO has created product content for over 600 manufacturers represented by KYKLO’s distributor customers. Our manufacturer partners are big names in industrial automation, including ABB, Festo, Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, WAGO, and Yaskawa.

Mitsubishi Electric Automation is another partner manufacturer.
“If you go to our webstore, in the bottom corner it says powered by KYKLO. Because of their understanding of what we do as a manufacturer and the technologies we can provide, they were able to help us develop a webstore to meet the needs of our end customers,” says Jim Brys, Corporate Director of Distribution at Mitsubishi Electric Automation. “For distributors of our products, KYKLO can also provide a subscription service for those who would like to have webstores. You have to change with the times. This is the way of the future.”

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