KYKLO Selected for NFPA Membership
KYKLO Selected for NFPA Membership

KYKLO Selected for NFPA Membership

Fluid Power is the unheralded workhorse of the North American economy. An estimated 744 companies are involved in the manufacture of fluid power components. The products of those companies create a downstream economic impact affecting the lives of over 845,000 people and producing a payroll greater than $60 Billion. The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) is a select group of 360 plus companies dedicated to the advancement of this industry. KYKLO is proud to announce they are now a part of this group. 

KYKLO feels strongly about this membership. Fluid Power products are a part of nearly every industry segment. From construction and agricultural machinery to automotive equipment and beyond, Fluid Power products play a key role. We believe KYKLO brings expertise in digitalization to this important industry – helping customers discover sources for the right equipment. 

According to Jonathan Pittman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, KYKLO’s engineering team has manually created over 500,000 SEO enriched product descriptions for the Fluid Power industry. This statistic uniquely qualifies KYKLO as the leading specialist in data for products represented by NFPA members.   

Further quoting Mr. Pittman, “We at KYKLO are extremely excited to join NFPA. As a new member, we’re looking forward to forging longstanding business relationships and helping other members vastly exceed their digitization goals. We are confident that our new NFPA membership is the beginning of a journey that will be both highly productive and extremely enjoyable!” 

About KYKLO: 

Headquartered in Bangkok Thailand and Buffalo, New York, KYKLO provides a state-of-the-technology solution to distributors and manufacturers via a cloud-based eCommerce platform. Unlike traditional suppliers who provide an unpopulated webshop and require the distributor to supply product data, KYKLO provides rich product data for over 5 million SKUs. 

Every KYKLO client receives in-depth guidance and ongoing coaching tied to engaging customers with their eCommerce platform. Additionally, they provide best practices for using the system for generating quotes and assisting inside salespeople in product selection.  

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