KYKLO Provides Native Power BI Integration
KYKLO Provides Native Power BI Integration

KYKLO Provides Native Power BI Integration

While distribution experts have been calling for our industry’s need for better use of data for at least the past decade, they continue to press forward. One key perspective outlined by Tom Gale of Modern Distribution Management boldly states future distributors will be digital-first, data-driven, and culturally led, and the same has been echoed for the distributor’s supply partners.

Thinking further about the “data-driven” component of this statement, distributors have always been awash in data. Their business systems contained sales, gross margin, pricing, and tons of raw data. The situation mirrored the phrase about ocean water from The Ancient Mariner, “water, water, everywhere but not a drop to drink.” All that data is useless without a tool to make it understandable.

KYKLO has enabled a tool with the power to quickly digest and serve up important data in an instant. The Power BI system allows KYKLO users to put data to work in growing their business by displaying important metrics in either numerical or graphic formats.

Measure and Track Sales Metrics

This system allows you to measure online sales activities by product, customer, and even by geographical region. It also tracks order activity on a month-by-month basis and spots trends early on. In the past distributors and their partners have struggled to understand customer buying habits in a timely manner. Our industry is full of stories of customers switching suppliers and the incumbent supplier (whether distributor or manufacturer) doesn’t realize the issue for such a long time that corrective actions are no longer effective.

The system also becomes a tool for marketing campaigns. Using the tools available in the Power BI system, a marketing team can judge the effectiveness of changes in banner ads, keyword placement, and other programs designed to further drive business. This allows you to fine-tune your marketing efforts for maximum results.

Create Graphic Dashboards

Displaying an easy-to-read dashboard allows a busy user to quickly understand business trends. One incredible feature allows the user to see a map of customer activity. KYKLO users can gain a bird’s eye view of regional differences in purchasing habits. In just moments, you can determine if one territory is performing differently and make quick adjustments.


KYKLO has added these valuable tools as a Free Add-on to your system.

The Power BI system is available for everyone who employs a KYKLO-powered website.  Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, or KYKLO manufacturer partner, the system can quickly be added at no cost.  Ask your KYKLO CSM for more info about our Power BI integration.

Free is an incredible price for such an amazing tool.    

Optimize, Improve, Grow your business starting today.