Back to School, KYKLO Style
Back to School, KYKLO Style

Back to School, KYKLO Style

It's time for back to school, and kids all over America are feeling excited. After a lazy summer, which included a trip to the world's fastest waterslide and a week on Grandma's farm, the day is almost here. New backpacks have been filled with pens, notepads, and all the latest school supplies. What's all the excitement about?

Back to school heralds a mega rush of anticipation. And the biggest anticipation doesn’t come from using that new pencil for the first time. Instead, it is driven by the thrill of rejoining friends from across town and in some instances, across the country.

The KYKLO team is equally pumped about upcoming events!  We are looking forward to seeing a lot of our old friends and making some new connections over the next few months. Trust us when we say we’re already starting to lay out some of the things we’ll need for our travels and packing up our personal backpacks. Get out your calendar, here’s our schedule for the next few months:

PACK EXPO - Las Vegas Nevada - September 11-13

pack expo

This is a massive trade show with over 30,000 visitors and 2,000 exhibitors. This is one of the few trade shows that continues to grow and prosper in the post-pandemic world. We expect to see many existing clients there and meet many others. For those wondering, the average high in Las Vegas on September 11th is 96 degrees. But as they say, it’s dry heat and there will be a breeze - just like in a convection oven.

FPDA Industry Summit - Tucson Arizona - October 1-4

fpdaThis is our second year attending the Fluid Power Distributor Association’s annual meeting. Marine, Jeff, and Ryan are attending. We are excited to also announce that Ryan has been asked to present to the group. His presentation is titled, The Power of Product Data and E-commerce: Driving Success for Manufacturers and Distributors. We are eager to hear his message. Since KYKLO will also be participating with a booth in the product showcase, there will be plenty of time for folks with questions about his presentation.

NYS Innovation Summit - Saratoga Springs New York - October 16-17

nysThis event is sponsored by FuzeHub, a not-for-profit organization that connects New York’s small and mid-sized manufacturing companies to the resources, programs, and expertise they need for technology commercialization, innovation, and business growth.  Being in Buffalo, this is a great way for KYKLO to connect with neighbors.

ISA Fall Summit Association - Orlando Florida - October 18-20

ISAKYKLO’s first participation with this group was during their spring event. We made a lot of new friends, so we are looking forward to renewing acquaintances. Ryan and Will represent KYKLO in this very dynamic meeting. One person asked if they would be meeting with Mickey Mouse and his gang while down there. Probably not, but they will be connecting with new faces who serve the industrial market.

AHTD Fall 2023 - Marco Island Florida - October 25-27

AHTDThis fall’s meeting is titled Powering Innovation. The name has a nice ring for the KYKLO team. Innovation is our name and we have had the privilege of assisting many AHTD members with their digital innovation journey. As with past AHTD events, KYKLO is clearing the decks and bringing most of the team. We’ll be easy to spot at our strategic partner table and booth at the product showcase.

What will we be talking about at these shows?

Aside from catching up with existing clients to discuss how KYKLO can further assist in their digital journey, we have some exciting new breakthroughs to discuss. Here’s a sneak preview:

  • KYKLO has developed an innovative new cross-reference tool. We see this tool as a major boost for digital sales online and feel many distributors will put it to use internally as a simple tool to allow new salespeople to effectively provide expertise to their customer interactions.
  • KYKLO Syndication+ offers a total brand experience for manufacturers dedicated to driving additional activity throughout their channel. Several of our early adopter clients are reporting a record number of new leads generated thanks to this new offering.

If you are going to be attending one of these events, let’s not leave our meeting to chance. Give us a call so we can set aside some time for a one-on-one conversation.

We look forward to seeing you this fall!

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