A Customer’s Perspective - Understanding the Value of Ecommerce
A Customer’s Perspective - Understanding the Value of Ecommerce

A Customer’s Perspective - Understanding the Value of Ecommerce

We understand how complex of a process it is to truly understand customer perspective. It's crucial to understand the connection between the online customer experience that's provided, and how the buying customer interacts with it. We dedicate massive amounts of time and energy to studying our clients' needs, and their customers' preferences and purchasing behaviors. This research provides us with a unique view into the intricacies of the online customer experience that drive customers to click the buy button, and become returning customers.

We know our clients’ customers like the complete and easy-to-find enhanced product data contained in our system. We know all of the following to be true.  


  • Have mostly ditched their dirty, dog-eared catalogs and are using e-commerce as their reference tool.
  • Value drill-down product selectors to help find the right product for their application.
  • Often work before or after standard business hours.  
  • Are very interested in stock/delivery dates.
  • Overwhelmingly choose Google as their search engine to find products.

Listening to the voice of the customer is a powerful thing.

When customers talk, it pays to listen. We received some feedback from Luis Castro, President and CEO of Process Control & Engineering of Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Castro’s company is a respected provider of engineering, automation, and construction services to a wide range of industries and markets across the country and Latin America. For Mr. Castro’s company, time is money.

Castro has discovered his company can produce a bill of materials (BOM) with pricing for job quotations in a fraction of the time when using the KYKLO system employed by his local distributor, Heitek Automation.  

Providing details, he states the time required to create BOMs has been reduced from 20 hours down to 2 hours. Furthering this thought, he estimates the time his company invests in building proposals for customers has decreased by 70%.

Previously, building a BOM involved making numerous phone calls to the distributor’s inside sales team, with many responses requiring return phone calls to select products used and gain clarification. The KYKLO system allows the Process Control & Engineering team to pick products the distributor has in stock when delivery dates are short. The whole process is quick, accurate and effortless. 

The customer likes the time savings, and the distributor saves time, too.

Not only is this efficient for the customer, but the distributor avoids many of the routine price and availability calls which were once mandatory. Inside sales and support groups are allowed to focus their skills on creating real customer value.  

We at KYKLO are excited and enthused to better understand how our systems make everyone’s lives easier while maximizing productivity for distributors and customers alike. If you are already a KYKLO client, we would love to discuss with you how to promote this value to your customers. If you are currently thinking about making the move to e-commerce, give us a call.

Want to hear Mr. Castro’s full story? Check out this brief video.  


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