New KYKLO Feature Makes Buying Easier
New KYKLO Feature Makes Buying Easier

New KYKLO Feature Makes Buying Easier

Research indicates, customers don’t compare their experience on your website against traditional competitors. Their experience is contrasted against every web-store experience in their lives. This includes their visits to such consumer shops as AMAZON, Walmart, and others. One feature missing from many B2B sites is the ability to complete the entire purchase including freight and taxes with a single click. KYKLO is happy to announce this feature is now part of the KYKLO webstore offering.  

One-step checkout enables buyers to finalize their order in one session, eliminating the need for prior acceptance or manual calculation of tax and shipping costs, and eliminating the need for the store to submit a manual “Pending electronic payment” order page. The feature provides buyers with instant knowledge of all associated costs directly at checkout as well as the ability to immediately finalize payments by directing buyers to “credit card one-step checkout" or classic checkout (with invoice, etc.) at the discretion of the store. KYKLO’s new one-step checkout feature is the culmination of two new KYKLO features making it all possible: Shipment automation and Tax automation.


Shipping costs are done automatically.

Shipment costs are calculated automatically and presented directly in the cart, based on pre-defined parameters such as product dimensions, weight, shipping options (1 day, 3 days, ground, etc.), parcel/container dimensions and costs. KYKLO’s proprietary 3D fast-packing algorithm takes all the above into account to calculate the optimal packaging option in every situation, based on our experience with UPS, FedEx and other major logistic companies. 

The result: buyers are provided with certainty and peace of mind on shipping costs on the spot, while stores can be rid of a previously tedious and manual process. 


Tax automation works in a very straightforward way.

When a buyer is presented with a cart, and has selected a delivery mode, the KYKLO application presents the buyer with the tax rate and breakdown, calculated based on the delivery address and the total money amount of products in the cart. The tax rate is pre-calculated thanks to simple and straightforward settings the webshop owner can create in the administration pages of the store.

Benefits of shipment automation + tax automation + one-step checkout:

  • Higher buyer commitment, ensuring that a new e-commerce cart in your store means a buyer ready to pay.
  • Lower cart abandonment rate, higher conversion rate.
  • No more waiting time for your buyer to get the full cost of the order with shipment and taxes, no hidden surprises.
  • Savings of your staff’s time spent calculating shipment estimates for new buyers: KYKLO application does it on its own.
  • Allow buyers to use their own shipment provider (a.k.a. “FCA warehouse” INCOTERM).
  • Only charge shipment to customer when “it’s worth it”: larger orders will not incur shipment, etc.

Have you started setting up your store to enable our new features? If not, contact your Customer Success Manager to ensure a smooth checkout process for your customers.

If you would like to learn more about KYKLO’s simple answers to the complicated issues of ecommerce, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to hear from you.


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