KYKLO Whishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!
KYKLO Whishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

KYKLO Whishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Before reading KYKLO's latest news, let us wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating all there is to be thankful for.

As always.. #AHTDROCKS

The Association for High Technology Distribution (AHTD) has a social media hashtag of #AHTDRocks. We think the “motto” fits. Once more KYKLO attended the meeting in force. This gave us the great opportunity to interact with so many of our friends and make some new friends as well. Quoting our Co-Founder and President, Remi Ducrocq, “It is crazy to think that 4 years ago we didn’t know anyone when Frank Hurtte first introduced us to AHTD, and now have over 60 customers and partners attending this single event!”   


One of our favorite parts of the AHTD experience is the KYKLO party bus. It is the perfect conclusion to a productive and insightful meeting. KYKLO friends joined us for a few cocktails, lots of comradery, and plenty of recaps from the meeting.  


Explore the KYKLO & AHTD Partnership!

Under the heading of associations, we are pleased to announce KYKLO has been accepted into a couple of new associations. ISA –The Industrial Supply Association will provide an opportunity for KYKLO to make connections with their members and help them to staying and competitive – throughout industry change. HARDI – Heating Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International is the association tied to the HVAC/R industry. We look forward to expanding into this industry.

KYKLO reaches another new milestone


One of our older friends told us they remembered a time when McDonald’s advertised “over 5 million burgers sold.” We thought that was funny and created this little graphic to commemorate our passage into the five-million category.  KYKLO’s extensive library of enhanced product data recently surpassed the five million SKU mark. Nobody in the industry offers this level of product selection. Five million is a big number. In fact, if SKUs were people, we would have a larger population than half the countries in the United Nations. Using another analogy, the book “War and Peace” has 1,400 pages and 587,000 words. KYKLO has just under 10 SKUs for every page in the book.    


New Partnership Agreements 

We’re excited about our new partnerships! We will announce more details in press releases as well as on our social media platforms so stay tuned! 




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